The Exciting World of Color
by Michele J. Emerson-Roberts ©1985



Over the years I have been fortunate to study with many excellent teachers. It is my desire to dedicate this book to those teachers who have shared their knowledge, and to the students and friends who have encouraged me.

There is so much to learn and absorb. I have attempted to complete and simplify this information to enrich and satisfy painters from the beginner to the accomplished artist.

Since I believe that you learn by doing, this book is a workbook to actually mix colors in and enter "The Exciting World of Color."

Use it, learn from it, and most of all, enjoy!


 Principles of Basic Color
What is "Key"?
Color Schemes
Key to Color Charts

Colors for Fun
More Color  Information
What About "Contrast"?
Creating the Mood with Color
The Theory of Complementary
     Colors & Luminosity
Color Analysis
Color Mixing with Rena Santa Cruz
Oil Painting Colors    

The examples are just a start down the road to good design. Check out other artwork that you come across in magazines, or on walls and decide what works and what doesn't and why…it always comes back to good design!

Next time: "Fun, Fabulous and Fantastic Mating"

Michele Emerson-Roberts
Framing Editor



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