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  Kaleidoscope Kreatorô 2.0

  Software for Creative Spirits

  The 2.0 CD offering from Kaleidoscope Collections is even better 
  than the first, and I was blown away by it! Even if you already
  own the 1.0 version you will want to add this one to your software

  Pop this CD into your computer and in no time at all you will be
  creating stunning designs for use in paper and book arts, quilts,
  scrapbooks, jewelry, ornaments, home decor and more!

The program is very easy to follow and the steps are easy to accomplish. Iím computer challenged and I can do it and am very pleased with my designs! I love the look of Mandalas, but it takes forever to create one. I also love the wonderful designs that you find in real Kaleidoscopes but hate it that I could never save the designs. Well now I can both save the designs and create Mandala in a snap!!

I can think of hundreds of uses for this program and the beautiful designs I can create using it and my computer. There are several more programs offered from the company, there is a Quiltersí Polygon template pack with 60 templates; Frame Frenzy with 70 templates and Kaleidoscope Kreatorô Companion DVD.
For those few who either donít want to create their own designs or donít own a computer, the company also produces 12 large sheets of Kreative Kaleidoscopes Stickers.

Canít wait to see what they come up with next!

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