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Altered Books Workshop by Bev Brazelton  2004

MSRP: $19.99

ISBN: 1-58180-535-7

Crafts/Paper Arts
8 1/2 x 11  PB  128 pages  Color photos


North Light Books: an imprint of F & W Publishing, Inc.

4700 E Galbranth Rd.

Cincinnati, Ohio 45263

So you think you know what the "Altered Book" craze is all about?  This is one of the best books I have seen on the subject. This is truly a "workshop" in a book!

Bev has the answers to your many questions. She explains the phenomenon called "Altered Books" (ABs) and takes you from learning all the basics to getting REALLY CREATIVE.  One of the most fun rules of "ABs" is that there are no rules, anything goes!

Bev's eighteen projects are just a start on the enjoyment of creating ABs.  She uses collage, stitching, doors and windows, niches, rubber stamping, creative folding, inserts, glazing, textures, shadowboxes, drawers, image transfers, pop ups, fibers and beads, aging, distressing and embellishments for these great projects! Open your mind to all the possibilities. Remember: "there are NO rules".


I personally think the books should be called "Artist Altered Books" (AABs). This is a must have to add to your book shelf. I have added it to mine.

Michele Emerson-Roberts  2005

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