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Books Unbound © 2006 Michael Jacobs  

MSRP: $22.99
ISBN: 1-58180-718-x
Crafts    128 pages PB Color     

North Light Books an imprint of F & W Publications, Inc.
4700 Galbraith Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45236

Every paper artist and engineer will love this third book of Michael’s with North Light. The more than twenty projects are fun, innovative and range from simple to complex and will change your concept of “what a book is all about”! 

Unraveling the Book: in 1990 he designed and built the world’s largest photo album, with 7254 photographs of the Pacific Northwest on display. He is known for asking the question:  “What is a book?” Is it “a printed work on sheets of paper bound together, usually between two protective covers”? Or as Michael believes; is it “A small, intimate, hand held object that reveals information over time”?

There are projects for everyone who loves making books!  Michael’s instructions are always excellent and easy to follow. He uses his love of paper, books and recycling in the construction of most of his creations. With two pages of tools and materials and 14 pages of techniques, he has it all covered. He even provides you with a sewing station template.

There are book structures  with inserts and “throw outs” (parts of pages that unfold and extend beyond the confines of the covers), and even books with feet!

Books that become sculptures, wrap around cover journals, picture frame books with a storage box, “fold and cut” books, one-piece cover books,  crisscross books, checkerboard  books, lollipop books, piano hinge books and folding  journals in their own portfolios.

These are handmade books like you have NEVER seen before! I loved the “Three Sided Triangle” book, the “Specimen” book, and the “Sky house” book! It was hard to pick a favorite since I love all kinds of books but the “Concertina Cabaret” is it with its portholes and French doors and the “Matchbox Marvel” book with the drawers were to hard to resist.

I bought it, I love it and will refer to this book  for years to come…..Guess I better build some more bookcases…….and hope that Michael has a new book soon! And I know what everyone is getting for Christmas this year!

Michele Emerson-Roberts © 2006
Book, DVD, VHS, Reviewer:; Most Visible ‘Zine; Creating Home Decor


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