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Creative Beads from Paper and Fabric by Ann Kristen Krier

ISBN: 1-57120-314-1
Create & Treasure/Paper Crafts
MSRP: $16.95
8 1/2" X  11" Soft Cover  48 pages  color

C & T Publishing (
1651 Challenge Drive Concord, CA 94520-5206

C & T Publishing has branched out into the paper arts field with the launch of a new category, called "Create & Treasure.....Where Memories Meet New Ideas".  "Creative Beads from Paper and Fabric" is a must have book for anyone who loves the creative process!

Ann's introduction and history of bead making are a good start down the creative road.   These wonderful beads are all made with simple tools, supplies and materials including paper, fabric, Tyvec , fibers and wire.  If you are a person who saves scraps of paper, fibers and fabric you are already half way there! The techniques are easy to do and will provide you with the knowledge to create thousands of one of a kind beads. The projects will be fun for the beginner as well as the advanced artist.  Ann provides lots of tips and techniques along with excellent instructions for 10 projects and 14 variations of those projects.

My favorite projects are the "Art Quilt" and "Creative Jewelry".

Make room for another great addition to my ever growing library!

Michele Emerson-Roberts  2005

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