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Elegant Gifts in Polymer Clay © Lisa Pavelka 2004

ISBN: 1-58180-571
128 pages  PB  Color     
North Light Books an imprint of F & W Publications, Inc.
4700 Galbraith Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45236

Lisa is an award winning polymer clay artist and designer. She is a much-loved guest on the Carol Duval Show and writes for a number of magazines. Lisa has been working exclusively with polymer clay since 1988 and is know for her innovative designs in the medium. This very talented artist’s project instructions are excellent…….almost like having her in the studio with you. Until you have the opportunity to take a class from Lisa….this book will be a great substitute.

Her first book for North Light Books was a best seller as this one is destined to become. Lisa uses great patterned stamps, foils, real lace, punches and paints in the creation of these projects with loads of mixed media projects throughout the book. Along with ten pages of “polymer clay 101” there are sections that include “His and Hers”, “Gifts to Wear”, “Home Décor”, “Anytime Gifts” plus an amazing Gallery of projects.

Lisa shows you how to use patterned foil, create Mokume’Gane’, paper  lacing techniques with clay, faux Tortoise shell and mother of pearl. These are just a few of the techniques in this book. It was very hard for me to pick a favorite project with so many to choose from. The “Image Transfer Bracelet” and “Faux Mother of Pearl Pendent” and “Ancestral Photo Box” won out.

I will be making room on my bookshelves for this and any other books by Lisa Pavelka! Keep your fingers crossed that she has a new book soon!

Michele Emerson-Roberts © 2006

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