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Metal Embossing Workshop
by Magdalena Muldoon © Prolific Impressions Inc. 2006

ISBN: 13:978-1-4027-2444-2
Hardback   128 pages    Color

Sterling Publishing C., Inc.
387 Park Ave.
NY, NY 10016 

Have ever seen and admired the magnificent embossed metal art objects from Europe and Mexico? Have you wondered how they created them? Would you like to know? Or do you just love gorgeous art books? Metal embossing is called “Repujado” in Spanish and “Repousse’ or “Repoussage” in France.

This is the most beautiful and comprehensive book on the art of metal embossing on the market today! The photography, projects and instructions are excellent! Even if you have never had the desire to try this art form, this book will change your mind!

The artist author Magdalena Muldoon (MM) was born and raised in Mexico City. Her mother Madgdalena Barrena (MB) has passed on her love and passion for many art and fine craft forms to her daughter. Magdalena was introduced to the technique of “traletiora” (European Metal Embossing) in 1991.

Magdalena (MM) now lives in Texas where she continues to refine her artistic talents. She is a member of the Society of Decretive painters and Craft & Hobby Asso. and attends their shows where she teaches and sells the tools and supplies through her company MercArtUSA. * See product review. Magdalena also teaches classes across the USA where she shares her techniques and tricks.

The 32 projects in the book are gorgeous!  There are twelve pages of introduction to supplies and materials and 34 pages on basic techniques, with information on line work (simple and perfiles), filler paste, embossing curved designs, antiquing, finishing edges, surface texture, cutting and repairing tears in metal, using patterns, plastic molds, stamps and stencils, cabochons, Mother of Pearl and heating or adding color and so much more….everything you need to know to accomplish the beautiful art form.

There are 69 pages of projects and patterns! Boxes, candles, frames, trays, scrapbook pages, bookmarks, books, Icons, napkin holder and vases to name just a few of the projects. My favorites are the “Vines and Twines” Vase, Antique look frame and the Butterflies……..but it we so hard to pick!

This is one of those books that I will enjoy looking through again and again and I can hardly wait to try my hand at many of the projects! If she writes another book I will order it before it is even printed!

Michele Emerson-Roberts ©2007

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