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Vintage Greeting Cards with MaryJo McGraw 2003

MSRP: $23.99
Crafts/ Rubber Stamping
8 1/2 x 11  PB  128 pages  Color photos

North Light Books an imprint of F&W Publishing, Inc.
4700 E Galbranth Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio 45263

Rummage through antique stores, flea markets or your own attic to find vintage photos and keepsakes to use for these terrific projects. MaryJo suggests that you color copy or scan the images to preserve the originals and to start a paper ephemera file.

MaryJo 's excellent instructions show you how to age the photos and ephemera with shoe polish and others media. She walks you through using rubber stamps, napkins, beeswax, mica powders, copper washers and using pages from old discarded books for backgrounds (make sure it is not a rare or a first edition book), several methods of transferring photos (save those used transfers for later use), antiquing  with inks, and so much more.

My favorite projects:
 "Vision and Portrait and Impressions in Wax"

Love the book and will definitely add it to my library.

Michele Emerson-Roberts  2005

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