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  Creative Textile Tool™

  Walnut Hollow
  1409 State Rd. 23
  Dodgerville, WI 53533-2112
  Walnut Hollow has come to our rescue again with an addition to
  the Creative Tool™ line.

  This tool is a portable, versatile device that can be used to
  emboss on velvet, cut synthetic fabrics and stencils, solders and transfers images and it is also the perfect quilting companion. It was developed for the sewing industry but is being used by artists and crafters who create in many other mediums.

The Creative Textile Tool™ comes with it’s own storage case, stand, seven points:

Transfer Point: use to transfer black & white laser or color Laser images to textiles and emboss velvet using rubber stamps.

Mini Transfer Point: as above but for smaller areas.

Long Mini Flow Point: write with it and use to add tiny details.

Tapered Point: cut your own stencil designs and even some synthetic textiles.

Trowel Point: think of this as a tiny iron and use it to press Seams, apply fusible appliqués, patches, threads, braids and trims.

Mini Trowel Point: as above but for really tiny areas.

9 Path Point: use for hot stamping this traditional quilt design.

The on/off switch and temperature of 750 degrees indeed make this a versatile and must have tool and will be added to my favorites.

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