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  MercArtUSA Metal Embossing Tools and Supplies - Designed and Manufactured in Mexico
  by MercART in Mexico City. Imported and sold by MercArtUSA.
The tools are of the highest quality and consist of refining, cutting, embossing wheels and design tools. They also carry the leather surface that you need to do the embossing on. There is a new line of plastic embossing plates that make completing a project a snap. More designs for wheels and plastic molds are planned for the near future

The metal is scrumptious, pliable and a real pleasure to work on. The antiquing solutions, filler paste and are a real help when it comes to finishing your art piece.

They also have a wonderful new book published by Sterling (available from MercArtUSA and fine book stores) “Metal Embossing Workshop” by the owner Magdalena Muldoon.

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