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  Ready-to-Go!® Blank Board Books
  C & T Publishing
  P. O. Box 1456
  Lafayette, CA. 94549
  1-925-677-0377 or 1-800-284-1114 

  If you have ever hunted for the “perfect” child’s used board book 
  for an “altered” book project….look no further than the terrific
  new blank board book from C & Ts’ Ready-to-Go!® line! You will
  find shapes and sizes to fit most any technique or subject. The
  sizes range from 3 x 3’ to 12 x 12 square, accordion folded
  books, there’s a house shape, a heart shape, a tag shape and
  even a purse! With more shapes and sizes to come.  The best
  part is they are clean and as the label says: “ready to go”! You
  won’t have to sand them, peel pages or do anything to prep them!
  What a delight to be able to just right in and start my project.

 Oh my, the hard part is to pick what shape and size….I want them all! Love the 3” x 3” size for “booklaces” and the heart would be great for that “love story” book I have been wanting to make for my husband and the purse would be so much fun for my granddaughter.

Look for them at your favorite craft store or contact C & T for help.

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