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  SCOR-IT™ Board

  HAMMONDSgroup, Inc.
  10 South Tamarac Street
  Denver, CO 80230
  Tel: 303-340-3041 / Fax: 303-340-3042

We paper artists are fortunate to have all the tools and toys available to us today - cutters and decretive scissors, stamps, inks, cardstock, rulers and bone folders. However I have always had trouble using a ruler and stylist to score the cardstock for folding into cards and even more problems with accordion or concertina folds, well NO MORE! Tim Hammond from the printing industry came to the rescue!

It is a wonderful new “tool” called the SCORE-IT™ Board - it does everything the company says it will do and then some. With a $60 price tag; I was a little skeptical until I saw it demonstrated and then tried it myself. It makes PERFECT folds even against the grain of the cardstock. It is so easy to use and even people with arthritis can do it with ease. Emboss or de-boss with ease! Make cards, boxes and book spines in seconds!

I highly recommend the SCOR-IT™. I bought 2 of them! And can’t wait to start playing! There’s that book I gave put off because of all the folds and dozens of cards that need to be made and what about scoring a grid pattern - hmmmm maybe on the diagonal, oh my!

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